With this blog, i am determined to reach all people that are readers and relaxers like myself whom own a house outside town and are struggling to be able to make their day job yet you still want to be able to drive to your house in the country and be able to do the things you love to do.

    I want to be able to exchange ideas, thoughts, tricks, lessons learned and so much more and inspire others to live a life that I myself have dreamed about for many years now. I am determined to create a life where i will constantly do what I love to do which is spend my time on my Dock house and be able to read, write and exercise.

    Just like me, many people are inspired to live this life yet get caught up with daily tasks and job and forget how important to treat yourself and that life passes by in a flash and these moments cannot come back anymore.

    Hence, I write to enjoy and to share. If you want to send me anything about this blog, feel free at my contact info.