Month: May 2017

    Carpet Care Tips

    Carpets should always look good and clean whether it lies on your office or home floor. A clean carpet always create a good impression for the incoming guests. Visitors arriving in your space will notice the carpet lying of the floor and whether you are earning the trust of a business client or simply impressing your guests, having a clean and reasonably looking fresh carpet reflects who you are as a person and the environment that surrounds you.

    Carpet cleaning is not a simple task. It becomes even more difficult when you don’t know the proper ways of doing it. Here are some professional carpet caring tips that we following from our friend who own a Carpet cleaning in Markham and based on their advice, below are their comments you should follow to keep them clean:

    • There are different parts of a single carpet which requires different types of attention. Some carpets areas are used more often called the heavy traffic areas. You should take care of those areas more often. Vacuum those areas 2-3 times in a week. Don’t allow the dust to set in. It may create permanent spot on the carpet
    • Heavy furniture often leave spots on the carpet if not rotated regularly. To tackle this issue, you can try rotating the furniture or you can put hard mattress under the furniture to keep the carpet out of harm’s way.
    • After each cleaning try to apply some stain protector on the carpet. There is a default protector given with a new carpet. But as the times goes by, the protector is weaken and it wears off eventually. So you can apply it manually each after a cleaning. It will not allow the stains to set on the carpet.
    • Never wait with a stain. Always have a team ready in your office to tackle those situation. The cleaning crew should immediate start the cleaning once something is on the carpet. Spills are easier to clean immediately, but once set in you will find it very difficult to clean those.
    • Vacuuming the carpet is very important to keep it clean. You should also periodically clean the underneath of the carpet. There are lots of dust there also.
    • If you have different time schedule for carpet and furniture cleaning, you should merge those 2 dates. It will allow you to clean everything at one go.

    There are lots of commercial carpet cleaning service available for you to choose from. They offer different types of carpet cleaning and maintenance service. If you want to hire a carpet cleaning service for your office, you should do some research before.

    With so many services available, the price can be a factor while choosing a cleaning one. Compare all the available prices to find the best one. Professionals are best at what they do, so you can expect a great result out of pro carpet cleaning. Of course, it will cost you some money. But when it comes to the impression of your business, money should not be a concern. You should hire the best service available to clean the carpets of your office.


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