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    Home Improvement: Top Quick Fixes


    Improving your home is not always about making big changes. Sometimes a small change can bring a big impact on your home environment. There are lots of quick fixes which take a small amount of time, but you are ignoring those for years. Small problems are often ignored, because we have the misconception that those are not necessary. When you are thinking about home improvement, everything associated to home matters. So quick fixes can make a big difference.

    Quick home improvement can be done in a budget, sometimes doesn’t cost at all. Here are some quick fixes tips for you

    Squeaky Doors

    How long are you ignoring the annoying squeaky sound your door hinges is making? Many would say, since forever. Doors making sounds while being opened and closed is a common problem is most houses. But these problems are often the most ignored ones. Here is the solution, you just have to spray something called WD40 which acts as a lubricant. Petroleum jelly can also be used to make the hinges more slippery. These materials are household items and you can find those easily. There is no need to hire professionals for this home improvement.

    Squeaky Floors

    Rough floor is another household problem found in most houses. These rough floors make an annoying sound while walking or dragging something. There is a quick fix to this problem. You can sprinkle some regular talcum powder on the floor and spread those allover the house floor. The slipper nature of talcum powder will fix this problem for you.  Although this is just a temporary solution as the floor will become rough after few days. But it is an easy one and your problem can be solved for a time being. Make sure that you are not sprinkling too much powder on the floor as it will make it too slippery and dangerous for walking.

    Cleaning Chandelier

    Chandelier can bring a look to your house as those look very beautiful. As these fixtures are powered on most of the time, you have to cut the power before cleaning. Allow the chandelier to cool down and then you can start the cleaning. Glass cleaners can be used to clean this decorative fixture. A damp cloth dipped on alcohol mixed water will work as a perfect cleaning solvent. Cleaning chandelier is an easy task and doesn’t require a professional to do it. However once properly cleaned you will notice the difference in the lighting of your house.

    Stuck Windows

    A common problem found with sliding windows. Sliding windows often gets stuck when being closed or opened. So often we have to give extra effort to close or open those. Another problem we are happy to live with. However, there is easy solution to this problem. Spraying lubricant on the window edge can solve this problem for you. You have to grease the tracks on windows are being held. Once the tracks are slipper, the problem of windows being stuck will be gone.

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