Day: December 9, 2015

    Home Security Within Budget


    How matter how comfortable the bed is, you will never be able to sleep well if the security is not ensured. You will not be able to enjoy a trip to Hawaii, if you are constantly worrying about your home security. We spend our hard earned money to make our house look better but an incident of break in can take everything away from you. You don’t want any unwanted guest in your home who is trying to cause you harm. Home security is becoming a major issue for house owners now a day. Here are some tips for you to arrange a home security in affordable price.

    Secure House Keys

    Your house key is the main security breach of your house. You should secure it others don’t have access to it. Sometime we let our kids to play with the house key, causing the keys to be lost. We make another set of keys and forget about the lost keys. It is not a wise thing to do, the house keys should always be kept by adults. Many house owners also have this tendency to hide the keys in a secret location which is also a bad idea. Your secret place is no longer a secret when others knows about it.

    Secure Windows

    Most break ins are caused by weak and old windows which can no longer hold pressure. Your beautiful old windows can be a security threat in your house. When it comes to home security, windows are probably the weakest part of it. Never leave your windows open if you are not in home. Sometimes being in home can also cause break ins through windows. So if there is a chance of security breach through windows, it is better to keep those closed. Strengthen the structure of your windows to ensure more security.

    CC Cameras

    You probably have heard about CCTV security features to ensure home security. The CCTV solution was out of budget during earlier days. But now you can install standard cc camera in your house and it will not cost a lot. There are many added features like remote viewing on smart phone and remote playback with CCTV system. If a house has cc cameras, the security of that house is increased to many levels. So you can install cc cameras in your house perimeter to ensure the security.

    Finger Lock Security System

    The house automation security system may sound costly but the benefits are also there. With a modern finger lock security system, you can ensure security of your home. It is very hard to breach this kind of security, unless someone really wants to. Finger lock system will get rid of all the keys of your house and replace those with automatic locks. Those automatic locks can only be opened by your fingerprint or a password. A home automation will certainly ensure the highest security for your beloved home and family.

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